Quality Control

Quality Control

At Nandeshwari Steel Limited, we take after Rigid quality estimations for guaranteeing immaculate quality to meet client necessities. All the fabricating offices are prepared with world-class lab testing offices to guarantee the celerity of nothing but the most excellent quality of items. At Nandeshwari Steel Limited, we esteem quality over everything else. We guarantee our clients the exceptionally best, and no stone is cleared out unturned in our endeavors to meet this guarantee. Our adherence to this ethos is upheld maximum quality certifications which our items have been granted.

Programmed ECCD identifying machine for surface abandons and inundation sort ultrasonic test in-line for the shinning bar tight control of follow components and non-metallic consideration for surface quality and inner quality, 100% inspection for all the items, checking framework to assess quality-related variables for each fabricating prepare, tall tech generation offices for austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, duplex and precipitation solidifying stainless steel grades.

With a focus on the client's needs, Nandeshwari Steel Limited satisfies the necessity of conveyance and benefit with no compromise on quality through Testing Devices & Methods such as:

  • Profile Projector to verify thread form
  • Inter grannular Corrosion Testing
  • Magnetic Particle inspection
  • Liquid Penetration Test
  • Jominy Hardenability Test
  • Torque Testing
  • Spectroscope
  • Hardness Tester
  • Universal Tensile Testing Machine
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Microscope for Grain Testing
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Extensometer

To benchmark ourselves with widespread quality guidelines we are overhauling our operational parameters as takes after:Central Quality Middle to oversee zones such as ppm dismissal rate ceaseless investigate and advancement for the refining handle, hot workability, cold workability and modern items of stainless steel installation of an in-line arrangement tempering treatment and pickling line within the wire pole process for superior surface quality.